Supercharge your rankings and productivity with Ai driven SEO solutions

Ai driven SEO solutions that take the guesswork out of research, content production and search engine optimisation

Improve rankings, gain more traffic and generate content quickly and easily

Developed to provide the most powerful SEO toolset without the steep learning curve that comes with many SEO tools, SERP Brain guides you through the process of optimising content, generating new content and analysing existing search results, saving you hours of time and giving you a competitive advantage over larger, high-budget competitors.

Keyword research

Discover, filter and organise the terms that are relevant to your audience

Discover highly relevant keywords, paid terms, questions and topics to give your content the exposure it deserves. Combining multiple data sources, machine learning and ranking data, SERP Brain focuses on providing you with audience focused, high traffic keywords, questions, and topics.

  • Get accurate search volume data
  • Discover relevant search terms, topics and keywords
  • Negative term filter
  • Use Ai to discover important terms
  • Export your lists for easy content planning
  • Grow organic search traffic
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SERP analysis

Analyse the top results with one click. Discover strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and benchmark your own content

Using our proprietary model, we are able to make predictions based on the search results to identify key ranking factors, difficulty and opportunities. Giving you a clear, concise roadmap to success either by comparing existing content or creating new content.

  • Transparent prediction model
  • Calculate optimum values for each factor
  • Identify ranking changes and possible causes
  • Easy to follow, actionable recommendations
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Content creation

Create and optimise content, generate and share content briefs and discover additional ranking opportunities

Streamline your content creation process. Research and optimise your content for both search and quality in record time with our content editor. Get real-time feedback on your content as you write. Our AI model only suggests changes that are likely to make a genuine difference rather than generating long, irrelevant lists, leaving you free to focus on creating killer content for your audience.

  • Create and share content briefs with your writers
  • Share access to the editor with your writers
  • Only highlight relevant suggestions
  • Get real-time feedback on your content as you write
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